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There is such a thing as free-cash project funding – IF you are qualified

FINANCIER Worldwide Magazine, 01.01.2017

Raising funds for a given project is usually at the top of the todo-list when a company, foundation or nation has a need. d press delete.​

PCC Named Best in Large Scale Project Funding 2016 and 2017 - Two-Time Award Winner


Decades ago— at the end of World War II – the economies of most of the affected countries around the world were devastated by the costs of fighting – and then rebuilding – infrastructures and other critical projects needed for reviving and sustaining humanity. Gathering in New Hampshire at Bretton Woods, the political basis for the Bretton Woods system was in the confluence of two key conditions: the shared experiences of two World Wars, with the sense that failure to deal with economic problems after the first war had led to the second; and the concentration of power in a small number of states. A plan was devised that encompassed various strategies to create funding for these projects which, by their nature, were not (necessarily) meant to create business ventures that would be profitable in the purest sense of the capitalist world. Reconstructed roads, bridges, hospitals, and other infrastructure needs may not be the best investment when a capitalist is seeking a return on his or her investment.



Non-Recourse Project Funding


Setting aside the sewage of misinformation, misrepresentation and ignorance from the Internet broker world, at the purest and highest level this will explain what really is going on.


Trying To Enter A "Bullet" PPP? Here's Why You Can't.

PCC, 01.1.2016

 Clearing the fallacy about direct-entry into Bullet programs. Bottom Line? You cannot enter a Bullet Trade if you aren't already in a program. Your application will fail.


How to SAFELY Leverage Your Assets

(of more than 150-Million Euro or USD)

Who Should Be Reading This?   Why Should I Take the Time?


Learning about a structure that will allow you to:


    Earn Profits WELL MORE THAN the Bank’s ability to pay
    Take equity positions in projects of almost any kind without using YOUR assets at all
    Safely remain in your account and under your control* to prevent any possible loss of principal
    Grow Your Business with Internal funding generated by leverage of your assets.
    Joint Venture using leveraged profits. 
    Compound leveraged returns 
    Provide funds for good works and gain public relations benefits of involvement—without you deploying your own Principal.


What Is Involved


The nature of the leverage program has decades of existence to fund government projects around the globe, as well as infrastructure, environmental and humanitarian (economic). These are regulated by the IMF, and operated by license to a very select few entities authorized to create new funding through the program.


To be involved, you and/or your company must be clean and clear to pass extreme due diligence via international authorities. You must also have provable, verifiable assets that would be acceptable for use in the program. There are several steps involved which can be detailed upon your expression of interest in writing. 


Safety of Your Principal


The way the structure works, your assets are only used for a non-recourse line which is amplified through the program's operation. Your underlying assets are buffered from encumbrance through a proprietary arrangement.


Ready to Learn More?

Send an email to Upon receipt, we will reply with additional information and to setup a conversation between you and the intake representative for the LeverageAssets program. 

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